2024 Application Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself

10 week Group program starting September, 2024

Please note: due to the nature of the practices in this program, this program is open to biological women ONLY. 

Welcome Sister, You are Fabulous!

I celebrate YOU in starting this epic journey.

You’ve decided to explore a path of potent self-transformation… and to experience outrageous aliveness, magic in the realms of the feminine- sex, love, and relationships.

You want to make a truly positive difference in your life whilst upleveling in the way you think and feel about yourself.

I am so excited to receive your application and get to know you more deeply!

10 Week Group Immersion

Feminine Remembrance to Come Home To Yourself Awaits…

Your investment to Yourself: $444 USD 

(Original Investment $777 )


2 x Monthly Repayments $250

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This application ensures the safety and sacredness of the space.

All my love, Jessica Angileri xx 

Any questions? Feel free to email at jessica@jessicaangileri.com Or book a free call with me here.

Modules of the Temple

  • Meditation to retrieve your sensual vision to begin the journey
  • Live blessing ceremony to annoint yourself in this initiation
  • Feminine Remembrance Prayer
  • Downloadable Affirmations to inspire your feminine Queen
Week 1: Shifting the Feminine Paradigm

Learn the herstory and release tension and old trauma from the womb in an ancient tantric practice.

Break the conditionings and pre-conceived ideas about the feminine and how a “woman” needs to be.

Bonus: Learn how to set up a sensual space that supports your feminine to blossom

Week 2: The power of your Inner cycles

Explore the different phases and the energies of your menstrual cycle and how you can soften into these phases in your day to day life to feel more in balance.

Receive a menstruation guided visual meditation to support your bleeding time and feel rejuvenated.

Receive a divine feminine healing Earth ritual for restoration.

Week 3: The Shadow Side of Sexuality

Live Sisterhood Circle: Exploring Sexuality, shame.

Soothing the nervous system through sensual, sacred touch for somatic healing.

Week 4: Dance out your shame

Live Sisterhood Circle: Dance and release through shaking, hip movements and twerking to move through resistance, old shame, feelings of unworthiness.

Ignite your sexual radiance as you reclaim your sensuality.

Week 5: Radiating Beauty Inside Out

Redefining beauty standards. The power of beauty, authenticty, self expression and self love.

Receive an Ancient Tantric Practice of yoni gazing with a body love embodiment practice.

This is all about reloving and remembering the power of your beauty inside and out. 

Week 6: Dark Seduction

Live Sisterhood Ceremony:

Replenish your sacred feminine through expanding into the frequency of love. Feel the love and blessings unfold through an Ancient Tantric Ritual.

Week 7: Yoni Awakening

Form a relationship with guilt and learn how pleasure is your blessing to your feminine.

Receive a Yoni de-amoring/massage for releasing shame and guilt.

Ignite your pleasure through your deep intimacy.


Week 8: Warrior Goddess

Exploration of the masculine themes within that holds the container for your feminine Queen self to blossom.

Heal your inner masculine. 

Learn about boundaries and setting high standards.

Receive an Embodiment Dance to work the core, self worth and confidence.

Week 9: Unleash your Wild Woman

Live Sisterhood Ceremony: Ignite the wild woman within through ecstatic, sensual pleasure.

Practice being seen in this guided meditative dance. And  become the embodiment of your own Erotic Woman to open up to receiving. 

Write out your new magnetic, feminine story for Manifestation and bring your sovereign Queen to life.

Week 10: Celebrating your Magnetic Queen

Live Sisterhood Ceremony: Integration, Celebration and Manifestation through Ancient Tantric Practice.

Embracing your inner Goddess to magnetise LOVE.

What you will receive

10 Weeks Group Container

Feminine Remembrance – COME HOME TO YOURSELF


Embodiment/somatic and Ancient Tantra practices for releasing guilt, shame, fear and activating aliveness

Sensual movement practices to make space for pleasure and connection

Breath practices for grounding and presencing

Meditations for becoming the embodiment of the woman you desire

Mix of audio recordings and 6 Live sisterhood ceremonies – 2- 3 hours weekly including homeplays (inc. 2 cacao ceremonies)

Downloadable Journaling PDF exercises for integration and inquiry

Supportive private facebook group to share and be witnessed, seen and heard by other sisters

Intimate, supportive group

6 Months Access to Content