“Feminine Remembrance – Come home to yourself” is life changing!
Jessica created an exceptional experience that has helped me to connect with my body and my authentic self in such a gentle way. The way of learning in this program is very unique, different from conventional courses I have took.
It was a fresh new approach and what an exciting way to learn how to experience human being – not human doing! Which helps me grounds and be out of the fight or flight mode.
I really enjoy the program as it encompasses practical knowledge of our feminine body & energy, reflecting through journalling, authentic & vulnerable sharing in sisterhood and also beautiful curated embodiment practices in the form of ceremonies, rituals, self massage, breathing exercise and also dancing! 
It is a healing experience in its essence to regulate my nervous system, as i experience anxiety and not being able to feel relaxed as an overachieving, perfectionist myself. This course taught me how to be safe and held in my body through touch, breathe, smell, taste and sight – engaging all my senses. Also, how to experience pleasure and goodness in life because I am worthy of it. Thank you Jessica 


Working with Jessica was a wonderful journey. I am so grateful for this amazing and life-changing opportunity and experience. 

When I started this mentorship I wasn’t sure of what to expect from it. 

Before starting the sessions, I was excited and a little nervous as well. I wasn’t feeling so much connected with myself and my body. I was feeling overwhelmed about certain things in my life. I wanted to feel more alive in my body and connect to my feminine power. 

When the sessions started I was feeling some resistance in the beginning, with some of the practices. Then as the process was going, I started to feel a transformation in myself, about my beliefs, feelings and emotions. And I let myself be guided by Jessica, with her smooth and sensitive voice, and her way of being. 

Over these 7 wonderful weeks, I went into a journey through my inner self. We explored together a lot of the shadow sides of myself as I was diving in and was feeling the emotions that came up, so I could emerge safely, and experience pleasure and sensuality the way I deserve.

Along with that, we did exercises, like journaling the feelings and emotions, and as well dance to unleash the wild woman inside of me; we did some touch, breath and movement practices in a holistic way, and most importantly, in a safe place that Jessica provided us. 

For the first time, I could connect and truly experience an embodiment and alignment in my body, mind and spirit, as well as find my own truth. 

Now I’m able to listen to my inner voice, hold and embrace my darkness,to have intimacy with myself, feel aligned with my inner cicles, to feel more sensual, to glow radiance, and become my own healer. 

So, for the women who want to feel all that I mention, and for the women who are ready to reclaim themselves and be the Goddesses of their lives, I so much recommend to work with Jessica Angileri and being guided by her. 

Inês Gonçalves


My session with Jessica went very well. It was very relaxing even with my 10-month-old in the background. haha. But she provided excellent and professional guidance. Nothing about this session with her was invasive in any uncomfortable ways. After the session, I felt very at peace and she even gave some words of encouragement and offered advice on how to take on day-to-day adversities.

If you are contemplating working with her I am very much sure you will not only enjoy your sessions together but also walk away from them feeling more at one with yourself in all positive ways.


Virtual Assistant

I always felt as though I had to hide my truth because of fear of the world we live in, of unsafe situations and people. So I suppressed my true self and only relaxed when alone. It was a breakthrough a few years ago just going out in a tank top with nothing covering my shoulders. Now I am beginning to feel safe enough to come out of hiding. Your ceremony is helping me with this. ❤ 🙏 I watched it once but I want to go through it again to go even deeper. Thank you for that empowering/powerful experience and inviting us to come alive together in this space 💓 



“Jessica is an amazing, wise guide that helped me feel myself after having children when I was exhausted in mind, body and soul. Her sessions were gentle and non-instrusive. Thank you!”

Tina Walker

Jessica helped me realize the importance of self care and knowing what my needs are so I can set boundaries in my relationships. Her work helped me connect to and listen to my body more than ever. I never realised the power of really being still and connecting with my body like that. I loved her sensual practices along with the breathwork in a way that felt really safe and gentle.  I am finally feel more connected to my sensuality, my pleasure and know how to nourish myself as my own lover. Thankyou so much Jessica. 

Jennifer Dalian

Jessica gave me the direction and guidance I was needing in my life to reconnect with a part of me that I had forgotten. She helped me design a lifestyle where I feel radiant, beautiful and sexy. I am so grateful for Jessica. 

Sara Lowe

Someone must have been looking out for me because Jessica came into my life at the most perfect time. I was living abroad and I was really missing something in my life. It was that feminine energy that I was so craving for. She made me realise that my own feminine energy is always available to me. The sessions that I had with her will forever be in my heart. I am so grateful to have found these sessions with her. And also loved our group sessions together where I was able to connect with other amazing women who now some have become my closest friends.

Lucy Dale

Sydney, Australia

Jessica makes you feel safe, supported and loved. Her gentle, loving approach helps you navigate through shame and I love the practices to help move through them. I didn’t realise I was carrying so much shame and that the womb and heart activation practices would work like wonders. I had 5 sessions with Jessica and I am already looking forward to our next 5 sessions together.


Los Angeles, California